Umar Khalid’s Pre-recorded message: “If you are watching this video, it means I have been arrested”

Activists on Wednesday shared a video message recorded by JNU student leader and United Against Hate activist Umar Khalid before his arrest by the Delhi Police in a case related to the Delhi riots.

“The real perpetrators of the riots are not being caught or even questioned..police has been trying to arrest me. I want to tell you all – don’t be scared; need to fight injustice,” Khalid said in the speech.

“I gave a 17-minute speech out of which 20-30 seconds is being made viral stating that I conspired in the north-east Delhi riots. The part, where I had talked about satyagraha, is nowhere to be heard. The ones who spoke up are being put behind bars but my message to everyone is that one must not be scared and speak out against injustice,” added Khalid.