Kerala Muslim youth org raises question over NIA arrests of suspected al-Qaeda operatives

Nahas Mala, Solidarity Youth Movement

A day after the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested nine suspected al-Qaeda operatives in Kerala and West Bengal, Solidarity Youth Movement, the youth wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in Kerala said that the general public and the media should not blindly believe NIA versions and should raise questions over recent arrests.

On Saturday, NIA claimed to have foiled plans for terror strikes in various parts of the country including Kerala with the arrest of nine alleged al-Qaeda operatives. The agency arrested the nine in morning raids at Ernakulam in Kerala and Murshidabad in West Bengal and claimed to have recovered countrymade weapons.

All nine belong to Murshidabad district. Seven are either daily wage labourers or in menial jobs, while two are doing their graduation at a Murshidabad college.

“It is to be suspected that the ongoing NIA arrests and the Al Qaeda story are to protect the interests of the Sangh Parivar. Those who know the history of NIA have no qualms about this,” Nahas Mala, president of Solidarity Youth Movement said.

Solidarity Youth Movement added in a press release that the perspectives should be formed by evaluating the history of NIA since its inception, Court observations on NIA cases, and attempts to retain the case with approvers.

The organization also noted that this is a time when the Sangh Parivar is abusing the central agencies for their political gain.

“The NIA is fabricating myths that can deprive citizens of all their rights, in the name of national security,” said Nahas Mala.

He also stated that the central agencies are maligning the marginalised communities through the counter-terrorism laws such as the UAPA.

Mala added that instead of blindly believing NIA’s versions, political parties and media should take a stand by evaluating cases previously handled by the central agency NIA.