Is there no other civilization apart from Vedic?: Su Venkatesan MP in Lok Sabha

Communist Party of India (Marxist) MP Su Venkatesan on Monday demanded that a committee formed by the Narendra Modi government to study the country’s culture be dissolved as it lacked diversity in its members.

“The committee has not a single member from South India, Northeast India, Minorities, Dalits or Women. All are upper-caste Hindu men. It has no linguistic expert from southern classical languages but has caste organization heads as members,” Su Venkatesan who is also an award winning novelist said in Lok Sabha

“Is there no India below the Vindhyas? Is there no other civilization apart from the Vedic? he asks.

MP asked: “Is there no ancient language here other than Sanskrit? Has this committee been formed only to reject the findings of scholars starting from John Marshall to Sunit Chatterjee down to Iravatam Mahadevan, Tony Joseph, and R Balakrishnan and to merely establish the Puranas as history?”

The Parliamentarian who represents Madurai further said those who are at the top of the caste hierarchy cannot write about the true culture of this country, just like they cannot see the roots of a tree below the soil from an airplane.

Earlier DMK leader and MP Kanimozhi pointed out that the committee did not have minorities and Dalits and was ‘packed’ with north Indians, with little representation of south Indians.

The 16-member committee has been formed to study the origin and evolution of Indian culture dating back to around 12,000 years.