Saving Kapil Mishra

The 24,584-page-long chargesheet, the Delhi Police Special Cell prepared into FIR 59 of the Northeast Delhi riot, terms the complaint against BJP leader Kapil Mishra as a “false narrative.”

Chargesheet stated that Mishra told police that he had gone to the riot area to “resolve” the situation, that he gave “no speech.”

From chargesheet

Police. Did you visit northeast district prior to riots occured?

Mishra. My house is in Yamuna Vihar. B – 2/217. My house is located in the northeast district. The petrol pump which was set on fire is located near my house.

Police. What was the date and time you had visited in the northeast district?

Mishra. Since my house is located in the same area, there was not fixed time of the movement.

Police. Did you reach there in a personal capacity?

Mishra. Yes, I had reached there on my personal capacity between 3 pm and 3.30 pm.

Police. What was the purpose of your visit?

Mishra. For past two-three days, some persons running the campaign that due to the road block they are facing a lot of problem. People are not able to go for work and children are not able to go to schools. I had gone there to put the demands of the people before the Delhi police but before leaving, I had talked to DCP northeast Surya Prakash also.

Police. Did you deliver any speech on February 23 and if yes, then what was the content?

Mishra. No, I didn’t give any speech. I had asked the Delhi police to open the road otherwise we will also sit for protest.

Police. What was the purpose or intent of the speech?

Mishra. I already have said, I didn’t give any speech. My only intention was to clear the road so that the residents could not face any problem.

Police. Do you have a copy of the speech?

Mishra. I have already said I didn’t deliver any speech.

Police. Do you visit any other protest site in Delhi?

Mishra. No I never visited any other protest site.

Police. Did you reach alone?

Mishra. Yes, I had gone alone at Maujpur chowk. Since I am a local resident, many shopkeepers are known to me.

Police. What was your personal observation of that area?

Mishra. I had talked to DCP Surya before reaching there. When I reached there, people told me that stone pelting was already started since 2.45 pm. Many people were coming towards me and telling that stone pelting is going on from Jaffrabad side. While leaving I again requested DCP Surya to clear the road. When I was there, only 50-60 persons were present in front of me. However, towards Jaffrabad side around 500-600 persons were present. At around 4.30 pm I left the site and told the police if won’t clear the road, then we will also sit for protest.

Police. For how much time were you there?

Mishra. For one hour. From 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

Police. Whether an invitation was given to reach there?

Mishra. After reading the Facebook posts I went there to talk to the police and solve the problem of the people.

Police. There is a video of yours on YouTube in which you are seen saying “we are going back till Trump’s visit, but later we will not listen to you”. What is the meaning of it?

Mishra. I had asked the DCP to clear the roads of Jafrabad and Chandbagh. And if it does not happen we will also sit for protest. I had requested the DCP to clear the road before the Trump goes otherwise we will also come on the road. These lines you can check on YouTube.

False V/S True

False: Mishra said he gave no speech on 23 February

True: Many Video evidence and witness accounts pointed to Mishra delivering an inflammatory speech targeting the Muslim community.

Here is the video

False: Mishra said he had gone to Maujpur alone on 23 February

True: On 23 February, Mishra had tweeted that he would lead a pro-CAA gathering at the Maujpur Chowk to counter the Jaffrabad protest.

False: Mishra had told police that the Muslims had blocked the road for more than two months.

True: The road block was called for one day in the area.

Many complaints, no single FIR against Mishra

In more than 50 police complaints in relation to the Delhi violence, the complainants claimed seeing BJP leader Kapil Mishra and his followers take part in the instigation of the anti-Muslim riot.

Rubina Bano, a resident of Chand Bagh in northeast Delhi, filed a police complaint in relation to the Delhi violence on 18 March and wrote to police that just before the policemen began their attack, she heard Anuj Kumar, the assistant commissioner of the Gokulpuri police station, assure BJP leader Kapil Mishra over the phone, “Don’t worry, we will strew the streets with their dead bodies such that it will be remembered for generations.” The Delhi Police did not register Bano’s complaint as an FIR.

In another police complaint, the complainant claimed seeing Mishra and his followers take part in the casteist abuses along with Islamophobic slogans in Kardampuri in northeast Delhi. The complaint filed by Mohammad Jami Rizvi, a resident of northeast Delhi’s Yamuna Vihar on 24 February claims that on 23 February, Kapil Mishra had extensively used casteist slurs against Dalits in his speech and the crowd standing with him shouted anti-Dalit slogans.

According to the complaint, Kapil Mishra told his mob “Don’t leave these fuckers. Today we will teach them such a lesson that they will forget how to protest,” while brandishing his gun in the air.

The anti-Muslim riot in the national capital in February is widely acknowledged to have been sparked by incendiary comments made by Mishra, about Muslims peacefully protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act.

Many Video evidence and witness accounts pointed to police allowing Hindu mobs to roam the streets freely to target the Muslim community

On 23 February, former MLA Kapil Mishra had given a speech calling for forcefully removing anti-CAA protesters at Jaffrabad with a Deputy Commissioner of Police standing next to him.

“we won’t listen to the police if the roads are not vacated by them… we will have to take to the streets,” he said.

Also, in a tweet accompanying the video on 23 February, Mishra said: “Three days ultimatum to Delhi Police — get the Jafrabad and Chand Bagh road(s) cleared, else don’t counsel us, we will not even listen to you, just three days.”

In an interview with Caravan Magazine, a 22-year-old Hindu resident of Karawal Nagar, who claimed he participated in riot in northeast Delhi, praised Mishra, saying that Mishra had “done good work … he has taken the public along with him, he has given many suggestions.”