Taslima Nasreen removes ‘Boycott Islam’ tweet after backlash

Writer Taslima Nasreen delete’s her ” Boycott Islam” tweet after being called out as Islamophobe. Formal complaints have been made against the Bangladesh origin author for spreading disharmony and communal hate.

RTI activist Saket Gokhale tweeted his complaint which is addressed to Ministry of Home Affairs to take action against Nasreen.

In the complaint to MHA, Saket Gokhale reminded Tasleema Nasreen is a citizen of Sweden and her action is liable for deportation and blacklisted from entering India.

Nasreen’s tweet is considered to be part of the rift between France and Muslim world which started earlier this month. Muslims across the world is boycotting French products after French president said Islam is in ‘crisis’.

After removing her sensitive tweet, Taslima tried to justify herself by claiming her action to be attempt to ‘reform’ religion. Numerous Muslim profiles called out Nasreen’s opinion islamophobic.

Taslima Nasreen is an author, infamous for her rift with Muslims over sensitive comments on Islam. Nasreen was banished from India in 2008 over her ire with Muslims.