Will retire from politics but not ally with casteist BJP: BSP chief Mayawati

Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati said on Monday that BSP would never enter into an alliance with the BJP in the assembly or the Lok Sabha elections, asserting that the ideologies of the two parties are “opposite”.

“The alliance of the BJP with the BSP is not possible in any polls in the future. The BSP cannot contest with the communal party,” she told media.

Former UP CM that the Samajwadi Party and the Congress were misusing her recent statement so that the Muslim community distances itself from the BSP.

Earlier she had said that to ensure defeat of the SP candidates in future elections, including those of the legislative council and the Rajya Sabha, the BSP would vote for the BJP or any other party’s candidate.

“The BSP cannot enter into an alliance with those having communal, casteist and capitalist ideology,” she said.

Mayawati also announced she would rather take retirement from politics than ally with such parties.

Mayawati asserted that communal riots never took place in Uttar Pradesh when the BSP-BJP alliance was in power.

“Even after forming the government with BJP, BSP had not allowed Hindu-Muslim riots to take place. While during the Congress-SP regime there were riots in the stateā€¦ In 1995, when I formed the government, BJP-RSS people in Mathura tried to hurt Muslim sentiments. I had not allowed it due to which my government also has fallen,” she said.