Qatar plans ‘normal’ World Cup after COVID-19 vaccines

In an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, 2022 World Cup chief executive Nasser Al-Khater said Qatar is now planning for a “complete normal World Cup in 2022 after rapid progress in producing vaccines for the coronavirus.”

“The introduction of the vaccine and the rollout of the vaccine, it’s definitely good news for everybody,” Al-Khater said.

“Everybody’s looking forward to going back to some sort of normalcy in life and especially in sports as well,” he added.

CEO also said that he is very hopeful and very looking forward that, by 2022, hopefully things will really be back to complete normal and looking forward to hosting the fans and having a normal and successful World Cup.

“In the post-COVID pandemic era, we hope that sports will go back to normal as quickly as possible,” Al-Khater said.

Qatar World Cup 2022 will be held in winter with the tournament starting on November 21 and ending on December 18 to coincide with the Qatar National Day.

It will be a 28-day affair as the country is set to host the first FIFA World Cup to be held in Middle East and the entire Arab world.