Muslim League appeals to SC to declare UP’s anti-conversion law invalid

Indian Union Muslim League appeals to the Supreme Court of India to take up suo motto cognizance of the prohibition of unlawful conversion of religion law in Uttar Pradesh and declare the ‘unconstitutional law’ null and void on Saturday.

Muslim League’s central secretariat said the BJP government in UP has promulgated the prohibition of unlawful conversion of religion ordinance on the pretext of imaginary Love Jihad.

Similar law has also been enacted in Madhya Pradesh. Following these states, the other BJP ruled states like Uttarkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana and Assam have either enacted or expressed the intent to enact such laws.

“In the recent times the Hindutva forces have continuously made mischievous propaganda that “interfaith marriages are a conspiracy by Muslims to convert Hindu women with the larger goal of expansion of Islam in India.” This communal poison has been injected even in the police departments of the BJP ruled states,” a resolution passed by party’s top committee said.

Muslim League also noted that Muslim youths along with their parents and relatives are indiscriminately arrested, charge sheeted and jailed on false grounds in Uttar Pradesh.

“Presently, in certain states, the Qazis along with the Mohalla Jamaat executives have been harassed and taken into custody. Targeting of the Muslims has created panic in the families, driving them from their residences to far off places to escape from the police harassments,” reads the resolution.

The resolution also said that legal experts have opined that the new law is ‘draconian in its content and deserve to be scrapped because they are causing grave damage to the very spirit and letter of the Constitution’.

Recently 104 dignitaries of the retired government officials have appealed to the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to withdraw the newly promulgated ordinance that spreads communal poison in the state.

They have also stated in their letter that the UP’s BJP government seldom honours the High court verdicts regarding the interfaith marriages.

Muslim League’s national secretariat meeting further appealed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government at the centre that they shall prevail upon the BJP ruled states to withdraw these draconian enactments so that people of all communities may live in peace, free from fear and panic.