“No amount of threats…”: Greta Thunberg responds to Delhi Police FIR

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s tweets on protesting farmers have been cited in a case filed today by the Delhi Police that alleges an overseas “conspiracy” and an attempt to “promote enmity between groups”.

This, just two days after Thunberg, pop star Rihanna and US vice-president Kamal Harris’ niece, Meena Harris, and several other international names came out in support of the farmers protests against the Narendra Modi government’s new agriculture laws.

The 18 year old teen climate campaigner who internationally known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action against climate change, unfazed, tweeted that she “still” stood with farmers and “no amount of threats” would change that.

Soon after news of the FIR, Thunberg tweeted: “I still #StandWithFarmers and support their peaceful protest. No amount of hate, threats or violations of human rights will ever change that.”

Thunberg earlier on Thursday tweeted out a “toolkit” on how to support the protests.

“We stand in solidarity with the #FarmersProtest in India,” Thunberg had tweeted on Tuesday after Rihanna promoted a CNN news story headlined: “India cuts internet around New Delhi as protesting farmers clash with police.”

The Swedish activist had previously deleted a similar “toollkit” with information on how to support farmers on Republic Day.

Following tweets from international celebrities on Tuesday, the Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday said “it is unfortunate to see vested interest groups trying to enforce their agenda on the protests and derail them.”