“4G or no 4G or absolutely nothing… we don’t care.”: Kashmiri netizens react to the lifting of the 4G ban

Photo: Aaqib Fayaz

The Jammu and Kashmir administration, on February 5 restored high-speed mobile Internet after a span of 18 months.

Shaleen Kabra, Principal Secretary, Jammu and Kashmir Home Department said that the services were restored “upon careful review of the overall security situation”.

Kashmiri netizens, however, did not like the restoration of the 4G internet much. Many took to Twitter to express themselves regarding the ‘restoration’.

“Our neighbor had a baby boy in August 2019. A few months ago, he started walking and has started speaking intelligible phrases at 18 months now. That’s how long it took for the restoration of 4g.” wrote Farah Bashir, an author from Kashmir.

Samiya Latief , a Journalist from Kashmir wrote “After suspending 4G internet for over 550 days in Jammu and Kashmir, restoring it is NO a favor to us. Period!”

“Only 4G internet has been restored in Kashmir, not people’s rights.” Md Asif Khan, an activist from Mumbai wrote.

4G mobile internet was restored in Jammu & Kashmir after 18 months, making it the world’s longest internet shutdown in a ‘democracy’.

An internet shutdown was imposed on 4th August 2019, the government of India abrogated the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

According to Human Rights Watch, India—the world’s largest democracy—is the global leader in shutdowns.

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