BJP does vote-bank politics in budget, note-bank politics off-budget: Kapil Sibal

Speaking on the Union Budget, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal Wednesday said while the Narendra Modi government government accuses its predecessor Manmohan Singh government of doing vote bank politics, they themselves have done the same in the budget this year by awarding infrastructure projects to the states which are going to polls this year.

“The government engages in vote bank politics in budget. Outside the budget, it engages in note bank politics,” Sibal said.

BJP-led government has mismanaged Indian economy in the last 5 years, Sibal added.

“2018, 1% of the Indian population owned 58% of the assets and in 2019 1% population owned 73%.This is a classic case of crony capitalism. Where is the wealth of the country going?” asked Sibal Rajya Sabha.

According to Congress politician, there are some big boys in India who own everything, there is one big boy who is everywhere.

Sibal also pointed that the Budget did not include unemployment issues at all.

“120 million people lost jobs during the Covid lockdown. What have you done for these people?” he attacks the central government.

“Why did you reduce the MNREGA budget by 35%?” Sibal asks.

“The scheme was a way people could remain employed.”