“A leader who have a lot of arrogance,” Priyanka Gandhi’s dig at PM over farm laws

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Monday alleged all the three farm laws by Narendra Modi government have not been brought in for the farmers, but for PM’s capitalist friends.

She was addressing farmers at Kisan Mahapanchayat in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.

“The first law gives free hand to the corporates to buy and stock up as much agriculture products resulting in their price rise. the second law is designed to crush the existing APMC mandis — once private mandis take over the market; while the third law facilitating contract farming is instrumental in subjecting the farmers to exploitation by the corporates,” Priyanka said.

“The farmer who is standing on your door, his son is standing at the border of the country. The farmer whom you are insulting, his son is safeguarding the country’s border,” she said, referring to the historic protest against the farm laws at the Delhi borders.

“They were given a new name ”aandolanjivi” and ”parijivi”. All of you know the meaning of ”parijivi”. Your ministers called the farmers traitors,” Gandhi added.

“No one has the right to raise a finger on a person who has attained martyrdom while protesting for his rights, be it the prime minister or any other minister,” she also criticised Haryana minister JP Dalal, who had stoked a controversy on Saturday, saying the farmers who died during the course of the protest would have passed away even if they had stayed back home.

Further lashing out at PM Modi, she said, “There are two types of leaders. There are some leaders who have a lot of arrogance and they forget as to who gave them power. In the history of the country, whenever a leader has become arrogant, the people of the country have taught him a lesson, and he feels ashamed.”