Before suicide, tribal MP Delkar sent letter to PM Modi seeking appointment for “a few minutes”

Mohan Delkar

In an exclusive report, National Herald has claimed that the deceased Lok Sabha MP from Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Mohan Delkar, who died by suicide in a Mumbai hotel last month, had written several letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, seeking “justice” before suicide.

The letters by written by Delkar to country’s top officials reveal the helplessness of the lawmaker.

Delkar, a tribal leader who had been part of Congress and BJP at various times, and had also founded his own party for some period, was found dead in a South Mumbai hotel on 22 February.

The suicide note, written in Gujarat language, had held responsible certain politicians belong to the saffron party and administrative officials for “injustice”, “insult” and “bias” meted out to him.

Soon after the death, many political parties including Congress have demanded an investigation into the role of the BJP in the death.

According to NH, on of the late MP’s letters accused Gujarat BJP leader Praful Kheda of harassment.

“I have two options either to resign from the Parliament or commit suicide,” read the letter.

Delkar sent a letter to Prime Minister Modi on 18 December, 2020. It read: “In some inauguration events my name is displayed showing my presence though I have not been called. This has caused me huge embarrassment and humiliation. I am still trying to cop up with the insult meted out to me by the UT administration.”

“You are kindly requested to take note of this incidence seriously and take appropriate action to give justice to me,” the letter also said.

Delkar copied the same letter to the Home Minister Amit Shah.

On 31 January 31 this year, almost 20 days before death, the late lawmaker wrote another letter to Modi seeking appointment for a few minutes.

“I have received information that the administration and police are trying to frame me in fake charges and to inflict damage on me and my family. The administration has created an atmosphere of fear in the state/UT,” read the letter.

The letter which was emotionally penned, also went on to say: “Sir, situation has worsened so much so that me and my family are living under tremendous pressure. Therefore, I request you to intervene and instruct officials…I request to grant me a few minutes so that I can apprise you about the whole situation.”

He also sent letters to Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla apprising him of his mental agony and harassment. According to the National Herald report, taking cognizance of Delkar’s letters, the privilege committee of Lok Sabha heard the matter on 12 February 2021.

Delkar had himself released a detailed video last year and spoke in the Lok Sabha, wherein he highlighted the torture he allegedly underwent at the behest of the BJP.

Delkar in the video had said, “All my efforts to get justice are blocked and stonewalled by these people. They are even trying to frame me in fake cases, my supporters, the organisations I run or work for are targeted and the people in it are also hounded.” Delkar can also be heard saying that BJP leaders, the bureaucracy, police, investigating agencies, and local goons were constantly harassing him at all levels. Delkar had also accused officials at the UT of continuously harassing him, not allowing him to address his people, and attemping to book him in fake cases.

Maharashtra Congress leaders wrote a letter to Maharashtra government and said: “Delkar had publicly claimed that he was at the receiving end of the powers that be in the UT and New Delhi. In a detailed tell-all video released in mid-2020, Delkar had taken his constituents into confidence and threatened to resign from his Lok Sabha seat as he could no longer bear the insults and humiliating treatment continuously meted out to him. Delkar was clearly seen targeting BJP in the video. The words used by him shed light on how he was targeted by the Modi government”.

Chhotubhai Vasava, MLA from Gujarat and supremo of Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) has demanded a CBI inquiry into the death of Delkar.

Tribal Army by Hansraj Meena claimed that the tribal MP Mohan Delkar has not committed suicide and it was an institutional killing.