CAA implementation in Assam will be stopped if Congress wins: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said if the Congress comes to power, then it will cease the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) in the state.

While addressing an interaction in Lahowal, Dibrugarh in the state, Gandhi slammed the saffron party at the Centre for the decline in democracy, increasing unemployment amongst youth, CAA) and farm laws protest.

“We’ll stand against CAA, 5 lakh jobs, 200 units free electricity and Rs 2000 for housewives,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi went on to say: “You think democracy is declining. Youth is unemployed, farmers are protesting, CAA is there. The question is what is India? People from different cultures, languages, religions make up India. We can’t ask the people of Assam to forget their culture, history and language if they come to Delhi. The day we say this, the idea of India ends . One force, born in Nagpur, trying to control the whole country.”

Referring to BJP’s ideological mentor, the Hindu militant organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) headquarters in the city of Nagpur, he said one force from Nagpur is trying to control the entire country.

Gandhi also added that for the tea industry, Congress government will start a special ministry to solve all the issues.

“Our manifesto is in consultation with tea tribe, people, and not framed behind closed doors,” he added.

The elections in 126 assembly seats in Assam will take place in three phases beginning from March 27 and ending on April 6. The result of the election is scheduled to be out on May 2.