Kashmir: Mother dies of heart attack after son dragged away during night raid

Kashmir Jamia masjid

A 60-year-elderly woman died of a heart attack while her child was being hauled away by Jammu and Kashmir police during a night assault at about 2:30 a.m on Thursday, eyewitnesses from the family said.

Khadija, a mother of four, imploded before her family and was subsequently declared dead at the emergency clinic setting off a reaction from individuals.

“The commotion woke us up and we understood our house was being struck by powers. They said they had come for my sibling to question him,” Khadija’s girl Rubina told NewsClick.

Rubina, who is outwardly impeded, was laying down with her mom at the hour of assault. She says she was shell-stunned however attempted to prevent the police from taking her sibling Javaid Ahmad when, she added, a police officer “pushed” her back.

As neighbours gathered at her home, ladies howled and men assembled around unsettled. “There is no life here in Kashmir. Regardless of whether you earn an ample amount of money, somebody will barge inside your home in the evening and that will be the end of you,” a lamenting relative said.

Night raids happen quite often in the valley which is witnessing increased unrest after abrogation of article 370 in August 2019. Hundreds of Kashmiris including minors are picked up by Indian forces rising concern from rights group across the world.

The casualty’s family lives in the Mirakshah territory of Habak’s Batapora, a region near the University of Kashmir. Khadija’s better half fills in as a woodcarver and her child Javaid manages glassworks. The nearby occupants of the space did a little dissent outside the casualty’s home against the specialists requiring discipline against the supposed culprits.

The family says, this is the first time that a police force has summoned Javaid, who they claim is not involved in any “hostile activity.”