Jewellery ad of transwoman is winning hearts

From “on the off chance that you are a lady, you need gold”’ Bhima Jewellers, a Kerala based brand that is going to celebrate its 100th year, in 4 years have been progressive and seamlessly broke the stereotype, going viral on the internet with ‘pure love’.

The one-minute-forty second video portrays a young unshaven boy transforming into a young confident woman. The boy has immense support from his family. We don’t see teary eyes and hear lamenting voices rather joyful souls around him, the subtlety let him be.

The story has a different approach from the ladies bicycle parked in the bedroom to the golden anklets gift by his father, the mother who patiently waits for her son to get the ear pierced and at all the stages the family’s holding up is slowly transforming him to her.

The inclusion in the story does not feel forced, it effortlessly narrates the strong saga with the soothing music and revolutionarily had stayed out of the so-called celebrating feminity ads in India.

The ad is made by an independent Delhi based agency, Animal and the cast is Meera Shingania, a transwoman.

Though the internet has taken it many are commenting on it as a utopian concept which our society is yet not ready to accept and also Bhima is emotionally and sensitively selling its brand claiming it as revolutionary.

Just like the old ad that stated “if you are a woman, you need gold”, isn’t the new ad somehow giving a message “if you are a transwoman, you need gold”?

But that can be partially stated no by saying if a transwoman wants to enjoy the privilege of a woman, let her be – is some other critical analysis of the advertisement.

Recently, Tanishq had also done an ad on an inter-religious wedding. The change is a welcome in the upcoming generation as the idea of the Bhima ad had come from Navya Suhas, a fourth-gensection of the Bhima Bhattar Family.