Mumbai’s ‘oxygen man’ who sold his SUV to start free oxygen supply scheme

Shahnawaz Shaikh, a Mumbai youth who set up his own war room to supply oxygen to COVID-19 patients at a time when several parts of the country are reporting a dire shortage of oxygen supply, has become a lifesaver for many.

He even sold his SUV last year to start the oxygen supply scheme which today continues to save lives of COVID-19 patients in the most hit state, Maharashtra.

His initiative to supply oxygen free to cost started during the first wave of COVID-19, when his friend’s cousin died of virus.

When Shaikh learnt that timely oxygen support could have saved her life, Shahnawaz sold his Ford Endeavor SUV worth Rs 23 lakh and bought 160 oxygen cylinders. He also rented 40 cylinders. In total, his charity group Unity & Dignity Foundation currently has 200 oxygen cylinders.

According to Shahnawaz, he provided oxygen to 6,000 COVID-19 patients in 2020.

“Now, we are getting 500 to 600 calls a day,” Shahnawaz says.