As India struggles to handle COVID, RSS says “problems often gain gigantic proportions”

The number 2 leader of Hindu militant organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Dattatreya Hosabale, Saturday said anti-India forces were likely to create an atmosphere of “negativity” and “mistrust” during the coronavirus pandemic, and asked people to be cautious against them and come together to fight the crisis.

His statement comes at a time when India’s coronavirus infections have risen by 346,786 overnight, the health ministry has said, setting a new world record for the third consecutive day, as overwhelmed hospitals in the densely-populated country begged for oxygen supplies.

Hosabale said the government was making extensive efforts and that in a country the size of India, problems can take “gigantic proportions.”

“It is also possible that destructive and anti-Bharat forces in society can take advantage of these adverse circumstances to create an atmosphere of negativity and mistrust in the country. The countrymen, apart from positive efforts to resolve the situation, should be cautious of the conspiracies of these destructive forces,” in a statement, he said.

To the media, RSS leader said, “We request all sections of society including media to contribute in maintaining an atmosphere of positivity, hope and trust. Those who are active in social media should play a positive role, being more restrained and vigilant.”