Mosque set on fire in France amid rising Islamophobia

A Turkish mosque in France was subjected to an arson attack on Tuesday amid rising Islamophobia in the country.

“Dear devotees, our mosque was set on fire last night. Thank God no one was injured. We noticed a person poured gasoline and set fire to our mosque gate, we have warned law enforcement, and an investigation will be carried out,” said the statement by the mosque authorities.

 The fresh attack follows a string of such acts of vandalism on other mosques across France.

The attack is “racist, hateful and Islamophobic,” claims The Muslim Association of Talence.

According to TRT World, last week for the second time in one month, the walls of the Avicenna mosque and Islamic cultural centre in Rennes were defaced with slogans such as “Wake up France”, “We warned you, immigration kills” and “No Islamization.”

Many messages including “stop with your mosques” and other offensive slurs appeared on the entrance of mosques.

TRT World reported that Muslims increasingly bear the brunt as places of worship become unsafe against a regular drumbeat of anti-Muslim rhetoric by the country’s political class.