Gazans bid goodbye to the world, Israel rains bomb on civilians

Many residents of Gaza wrote farewell note to the world on Twitter fearing near death amidst heaviest Israeli bombardment in recent history.

Over 109 Palestinians have been killed so far, according to official figures, but fatalities due to the airstrikess on Thursday night is feared to be much high.

“My sister just texted me ‘حنموت خلص’ – That’s it, we will die. Due to the intensity of the situation. My sister was 8 during the 2008 war, 12 during the 2012 war, 14 during the 2014 war, 18 during the march of return, and now she’s 21 during this. She doesn’t deserve that”, Jehad Abusalim, a Palestinian tweeted .

Images of lifeless children pulled out of rubbles are shared by news agencies in Gaza, giving the world a glimpse of the genocide.

“Tonight, I put the kids to sleep in our bedroom. So that when we die, we die together and no one would live to mourn the loss of one another,” a resident of Gaza wrote on twitter Thursday night.

The Israeli army retracted its announcement that its troops had entered the Gaza Strip,  blaming the confusion on an “internal communication” problem. 

“Israeli planes and troops on the ground are carrying out an attack in the Gaza Strip,” the army said in a brief message,” the statement said just after midnight Friday.

The army published a clarification two hours later saying there were no soldiers in Gaza.

The State Department, Pentagon and White House have all repeatedly voiced support for what they call “Israel’s right to defend itself.” 

Eight people are killed by the Hamas retaliation.

Hundreds of Palestinians are fleeing in Quds and nearby localities as Israeli settlers attack Palestinians on the streets.

United States has urged Americans to “reconsider travel” to Israel and the Palestinian territories, raising the travel advisory level to three from level two.

Earlier, Hamas missiles targetted Israeli airports, disrupting the air traffic. Greece have cancelled flights to Israel, citing the attacks.

“I have witnessed 3 wars, tens of incursions and I used to go out and film them. Tonight I can’t tell if the earth underneath me is shaking or if its me shivering,” Tamer Hamam, Journalist from Palestine