World’s biggest iceberg broke off

World’s biggest iceberg just broke off

A massive iceberg has broken off the Ronne Ice Shelf instigating a heated debate on its causes and repercussions.

The colossal iceberg was a part of the Ronne ice shelf, a large ice shelf covering an approximate area of 400,000 square km in the Weddell sea in Antarctica.

European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed the calving of this iceberg named A-76, which is bigger than half of Puerto Rico. Earlier, the British Antarctic Survey reported a crack in the Ronne shelf which was also confirmed American Ice Centre which monitors global sea changes through satellite imagery.

However, climate and environmental researchers involved in monitoring changes occurring in Antarctica have a different opinion.

“The ice shelf is constantly being fed ice from the Antarctic continent, and eventually chunks break off the ice shelf in this way, forming these big flat icebergs and maintaining a balance,” opined Alex Brisbourne, a Glaciologist at the British Antarctic Survey.

Therefore, Scientists world has clearly stated that the phenomenon is part of a ” natural cycle”.

All in all, though scientists have considered this phenomenon as ‘ natural’ but laid emphasis on the frequency of breaking icebergs.