Fire burns down Rohingya camp in Delhi

Photo: Meer Faisal

A massive fire broke out in Southeast Delhi’s Madanpur Khadar Rohingya refugee camp on Saturday night burning down a huge portion of the camp sheltering 55 families. Firefighters are at the sport trying to douse the fire, according to our reporter.

The fire department received a call at 11.56 pm and five fire engines are at the spot, according to reports. No casualties so far.

Over 150 individuals live in the camp with dozens of makeshift houses made of plastic sheets. The camp was established after hundreds of Rohingya Muslims escaped to India due to 2017 genocide by Myanmar military.

Survivors fear their life savings would be charred in the fire. Since Rohingya refugees don’t have bank accounts, they used to keep their savings tents.

A similar fire broke out in Madanpur Khadar camp in April 2018 which burnt down the whole camp on the banks of the Yamuna river.

Reason behind the fire is unknown.

Rohingyans are already living in limbo after India’s top court failed to object to the central government’s effort to deport the refugees amidst the pandemic and political turmoil in Myanmar. Two refugees were detained from the Madanpur Khadar camp two months ago.

Uttar Pradesh government, last month, initiated a demolition drive to raze down the camp, claiming the ownership of the land.