GitHub takes down web application targetting Muslim women

Repository hosting service, GitHub, removed a web application run by India’s right-wing online perverts, targeting Muslim women. ‘Sullideals’ — named after an anti-Muslim slur— was flagged by several social activists on Sunday for infringing the privacy and security of Muslim women.

The ‘community-driven, open-source project’ lets users bid for Muslim women whose social media profiles are aggregated in the application. The perversive campaign surfaced online during last Eid after Muslim women shared photos of their Eid celebration online.

Profiles of hundreds of Muslim women was used for the application that was “objectified and borderline trafficked”

Although the page is taken down, no police action is reported so far. The application has sparked anger among women and activists who are demanding law enforcement agencies take action.

The website and application were removed by GitHub after activists campaigned to remove the application immediately as compromising information was shared by the creator.

Many Muslim women have been vocal about constant harassment and rape threats by right-wing groups who align with Hindu nationalist ideology. In May, a YouTube channel ‘Liberal Doge Live’ live-streamed the photos of the Muslim women with a noxious description in Hindi saying  “Today, we will stalk women with our eyes filled with lust.” 

Later, right-wing groups created a Twitter trend in support of the Youtuber, leaving the women in further discontent.