Documentary | Voices from the ruins: Kandhamal in search of justice

The state of Orissa was born in 1936 as a result of the social reform movement initiated by Madhusoodhan Das, who was called `The Father of Orissa’. Madhusoodhan Das was a converted Christian. Kandhamal District in Orissa is mainly inhabited by Adivasis and Dalits and among them a large population is Christians. The biggest violence on the Adivasi Christians and Dalit Christians took place in August 2008 in Kandhamal. The survivors of Kandhamal violence are still struggling against improper compensation, rehabilitation, and justice delivery systems.

This 2016 film by veteran filmmaker KP Sasi brings out the concerns of the survivors, through their own voices as well concerned sections, analysing the historical roots of violence, the impact of violence on various sections of the communities, and the struggle for justice by the survivors of Kandhamal violence.

Watch the documentary: