Afghan people ‘running out of cash’

People line up to withdraw money in Kabul, Afghanistan, September 1, 2021 [EPA]

The people in Afghanistan were scrambling for funds as many were unable to access their bank accounts, Al Jazeera reported.

“Cash remains a real problem. Banks largely remain closed, and when they are open, there are strict limits on how much you can take out,” AJ journalist McBride said.

“Outside of Kabul’s main bank, the Taliban are only allowing 10 customers at one time, as hundreds more wait their turn,” he adds.

Many customers were government employees who said they had not been paid for months and were “running out of cash”, McBride added.

“The government should have handed everything in order, instead of running away the way it did,” one Kabul resident told the presser.

Meanwhile, the United Nations is warning that Afghanistan could face a food crisis within a month, leaving one out of three people hungry, as the country’s Taliban rulers try to form a new government to run the country.

Al Jazeera reported that food prices in Afghanistan have increased by about 50 percent, and petrol by as much as 75 percent, in recent days.

“The situation… from a humanitarian perspective continues to be extremely tense,” Ramiz Alakbarov, UN humanitarian coordinator in Afghanistan, said on Wednesday, adding that more than half the children in the country already struggle to find the next meal.