Jharkhand: Muslim man beaten by Bajrang Dal workers while traveling with buffalo

In the latest episode of anti-Muslim violence in the country, a 38-year Mohammad Sultan was brutally attacked by Bajrang Dal members in Barkagaon in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh district on Sunday evening.

Sultan was attacked while traveling with a buffalo he had bought, Sadique, a family member of Sultan told Maktoob.

“They (assailants) are Bajrang Dal workers,” Sadique claimed.

Maktoob also spoke to Chandrika Kumar Sah, the village chief of Napo village where Sultan was beaten.

“Sultan and his friends were traveling with buffaloes. A few days ago, some pets were stolen in the village. So, the assailants accused Sultan of stealing. That was a misunderstanding. The matter is now in the police station,” he says.

A cop at Barkagaon police station denied the involvement of Bajrang Dal workers in the incident while speaking to Maktoob.

“The investigation is on,” he adds.

The police have not yet confirmed if the incident was a case of hate crime.

(This is a developing story)