Muslims in UP upset with every matter at every level in BJP govt: Mayawati

Muslims in Uttar Pradesh were being framed in fake cases and a sense of fear was being instilled through new rules and laws, said Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo and former Chief Minister Mayawati.

Muslims were extremely upset with the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh, according to the tall Dalit politician in the state.

Mayawati was speaking to the media after a review meeting of Muslims, Jat, and Most Backward Class (MBC) community office bearers of her party here for the reserved seats (86 out of 403 seats are reserved for SC) in the state.

“Especially Muslims among the religious minorities are appearing upset with every matter and at every level in the current BJP government in UP. Their progress has been stopped in this government and they are being harassed by being framed in fake cases. Also, a sense of fear is being instilled in them with new rules and laws,” the four-time chief minister said.

Mayawati who criticized BJP’s “stepmotherly behavior” towards Muslims, claimed that Muslims were protected during the BSP rule that had also taken care of their progress.

She said if BSP wins the polls, her party would again take care of the interests and welfare of Muslims, Jats, and Other Backward Classes (OBCs).

Caste Census

Mayawati also charged that the Union government is ignoring the demand for a caste census due to its casteist mentality.

She told reporters: “BSP supports the demand of OBC community for a caste census. Due to jatiwadi mansikta [casteiest mentality], the Centre is ignoring the demand.”