UN chief says Russian soldiers should ‘return to their barracks’

Lithuanian people protesting against Russian invasion of Ukraine. Photo: Unsplash

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on soldiers in Russia’s war on Ukraine to “return to their barracks”.

“We must never give up. We must give peace another chance,” he told reporters after Moscow vetoed a UN resolution condemning its “aggression” in Ukraine.

The UN security council voted on a resolution deploring Russian invasion of Ukraine. Eleven member states voted for the resolution, three abstained (China, India, and UAE) and one voted against (Russia). As Russia holds a veto the resolution was not upheld.

Meanwhile, Russian forces entered the city’s outskirts on Friday and were threatening the Ukrainian capital from the north-west and east in a lightning attack apparently aimed at seizing the city.

The Russian defence ministry claimed its forces had taken control of the strategic Hostomel airfield to the north-west, while Russian tanks were filmed by locals in the Obolonskyi district about six miles north of the city centre in the morning.

Vladimir Putin urged the Ukrainian army to overthrow its leadership, whom he labelled as a “gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have has lodged itself in Kyiv and taken hostage the entire Ukrainian people.”

Zelenskiy pleaded for international help and for western powers to act faster to cut off Russia’s economy and provide Ukraine with military assistance. “When bombs fall on Kyiv, it happens in Europe, not just in Ukraine,” he said. “When missiles kill our people, they kill all Europeans.”