India shifts its embassy in Ukraine to Poland

India has decided to temporarily relocate its embassy in Ukraine to Poland due to Russian aggression, the Ministry of External Affair said in a statement on Sunday.

In a statement that the decision to move the embassy from Kyiv was being taken in view of the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Ukraine, including attacks in the western parts of the country.

“The situation will be reassessed in the light of further developments,” it added.

This month Ukraine’s government said that it had helped evacuate about 20,000 Indian students from cities under attack by Russian forces. But several Indian citizens are still trapped in the war-torn country.

At least 600 civilians are killed since Russia started its “special operations” in Ukraine, one among them an Indian. Pope Francis on Sunday issued his toughest condemnation yet of the war in Ukraine, saying the “unacceptable armed aggression” must stop.