Aligarh Sanatan Dharma Sabha: Show-cause notice for anti-Muslim comments

Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district administration has sent a show-cause notice to the organisers of Sanatan Dharma Sabha during which speakers allegedly made anti-Muslim comments.

A Hindu gathering was organised on Sunday at Aligarh’s Ramlila ground and it was attended by infamous hatemonger Yati Narsinghanand and Kalicharan Maharaj, both facing criminal cases for previous hate speeches.

“Permission was taken for food distribution and a ceremony for priests. It was brought to our notice that swords were brandished at the event despite a ban on carrying weapons. There are also reports that comments were made regarding a religious minority to incite sentiments,” read the notice by the administration.

The notice stated that action will be taken against the organisers if a satisfactory response is not filed within 24 hours.

Kalicharan said that the country was facing a major threat due to the “growing population of Muslims”, PTI reported. He said the only way to address the problem was the establishment of a Hindu nation.

Narsinghanand said that there was a “real possibility that by 2029 India would have a Muslim prime minister and states would have Muslim chief ministers”.

Narsinghanand was arrested in December after he had called for the genocide of Muslims at an event in Haridwar. Although he got bail, one of the conditions was that he would not participate in any gathering “which aims towards enimity between communities”.