“No statistics and significant content…” NBDSA orders Zee News to take down video on Muslim population

A show was telecasted by Zee News on issues related to the Muslim population in India last year titled “Kudrat Bahaana Hai, Muslim Aabaadi Badhaana Hai?”, which is now being directed to take down by the News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA).

According to the channel, the show was aired to debate the growth of the population in India, the two-child policy proposed by the Uttar Pradesh Government, and the statement made by Shafiqur Rahman and Samajwadi Party MP on the proposed legislation.

The program violates the Code of Ethics and Guidelines issued by the Authority, Live Law quotes NBDSA as saying. Though the channel claimed that the intention of the broadcasts was not to give the debate a religious or communal color, they failed to justify the title of the show to the authorities.

“While the Authority observes that the media is free to conduct debates on any subject and invite any panelist of its choice, however, the debate must be balanced and conducted in accordance with the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards (Code of Ethics) and the Guidelines issued by NBDSA,” said the chairperson Justice A.K. Sikri.

A lot of complaints were raised against ‘Zee TV’ for telecasting a show with insignificant data. NBDSA also warned the channel to be more cautious while airing every upcoming show.

NBDSA also asked to remove all the videos regarding the show from every media platform at the earliest, verify the same and submit a written statement to NBDSA within a given period of order.