Hate speech: “What will happen if Rohingyas, Bangladeshis start living around you,” asks BJP leader

Actor and BJP leader Paresh Rawal during a campaign rally in Gujarat delivered an abusive speech against Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims.

Rawal made the remarks at a rally in Valsad Tuesday, but the video went viral Thursday.

“Gas cylinders are expensive, but their price will come down. People will get employment too. But what will happen if Rohingya migrants and Bangladeshis start living around you, like in Delhi? What will you do with gas cylinders? Cook fish for the Bengalis?” Rawal said.

Though he issued an “apology” after facing backlash, he “clarified” that his comments linking gas cylinders, Bengalis and fish at a campaign rally in Gujarat were about “illegal Bangladeshis and Rohingya.”

In his apology, the actor said, “Of course fish is not the issue as Gujaratis do cook and eat fish. But let me clarify. By Bengali, I meant illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya. But if I have still hurt your feelings and sentiments, I do apologise,” he said.

Meanwhile, West Bengal CPI(M) state secretary Mohammed Selim filed an FIR-against Rawal for “hate speech” at the Taltala station. Selim accused Rawal of “fermenting feelings of hatred against Bengalis”