Internet Archive takes down upload of BBC documentary critical of PM Modi

The Internet Archive has taken down a widely circulated upload of the first episode of the BBC’s The Modi Question, the documentary that questions Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership during the 2002 Gujarat Muslim genocide.

This comes after India has blocked the documentary’s airing, saying that even sharing any clips via social media is barred.

The Internet Archive is a US-based repository of webpage archives and media uploads by users worldwide. The Internet Archive has emerged as one of the primary sources where the documentary has been shared for viewing by Indian users after multiple YouTube videos and more than a hundred tweets with links to the YouTube videos were ordered to be taken down by the Union government.

“This item is no longer available,” a message on the upload reads.

The two-part BBC documentary cited a previously classified British foreign ministry report saying that Modi met senior police officers and “ordered them not to intervene” in the attacks on Muslims that followed.

The documentary was screened in University of Hyderabad by Fraternity Movement and in Kerala by Solidarity Youth Movement. It is also scheduled to be screened on coming days at various campuses across India by several student and youth organisations.