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Siddique Kappan Q&A: Press Freedom, state violence, current politics of India

Siddique Kappan, a 43-year-old Malayali journalist and Delhi unit secretary of the Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) was arrested near Mathura toll plaza...

“Two years of torture”: In conversation with journalist Siddique Kappan

"My wife and my 17-year-old son had to travel to unfamiliar places for me. These are otherwise considered dangerous trips.“
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“I was never afraid”: Siddique Kappan walks out of jail after 851 days

More than 851 days after he was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police while heading to the Hathras home of a young Dalit woman who was killed and gang-raped by upper-caste Hindu men, Kerala Muslim journalist Siddique Kappan walks out of jail.

Red tape may delay release: Siddique Kappan will be in jail until at least 2 Jan

Since it was the last working day for the Allahabad High Court this year, jailed Muslim journalist Siddique Kappan who was granted bail by HC in PMLA case on Friday will be in custody until at least January 2, 2023.
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Siddique Kappan gets bail in ED case, to walk out of jail after two years

Kerala Muslim journalist Siddique Kappan was granted bail Friday in PMLA case registered by ED months after he got bail in UAPA case by the top court.

Three months on, bail process yet to be completed in Siddique Kappan’s UAPA case

Though three months have passed since bail sureties were provided for jailed Muslim journalist Siddique Kappan in the UAPA case against him, as per Supreme Court order, the verification of the sureties is still pending in Uttar Pradesh.
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