About Us

Maktoob is an independent Indian media outlet that emphasizes covering human rights, minorities, as well as everything newsworthy. Launched by Aslah Kayyalakkath and Naseel Voici, who were undergraduate students in 2014, Maktoob grew into one of India’s most engaging media organisations.

Over the years, Maktoob has evolved into a recognized platform that continues to amplify the voice of the oppressed and the marginalized in India, including Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis, women, and other religious, sexual, and linguistic minorities.

Our incisive analyses and editorial interventions have created a significant impact on the ground, yet our endeavour to resist erasure and nourish a critical engagement with our world remains challenging.

In 2023, Maktoob won the Best Indian Media Award at the Human Rights Religious Freedom Awards (HRRF).


Submissions from all identities are welcome, but special priority will be given to individuals/communities that have been historically marginalised.

We do not consider material previously published. If you don’t have any work published yet, feel free to send us a pitch of no more than 300 words.

Send your ideas and submissions to [email protected] You should hear from us in about three days.


Aslah Kayyalakkath, Founder Editor

Aslah Kayyalakkath is the founder editor of Maktoob. Aslah who has a decade of experience in journalism, founded Maktoob at the age of 18 along with his friends in Kerala. Aslah’s works also appeared in The Caravan and Al Jazeera English. Contact him in his email [email protected]

Naseel Voici, Founder Editor

Naseel Voici was a co-founder of Maktoob. As a freelance journalist and contributor with an extensive portfolio of published articles on leading media platforms, he played a pivotal role in the establishment of Maktoob and contributed significantly to the company’s growth trajectory over the years. Naseel later left the organization for reasons related to his personal and professional pursuits.

Shamseer Ibrahim, CEO

Shamseer Ibrahim an engineer and experienced organizational leader from Kannur, Kerala is the new CEO of Maktoob. With a decade of leadership experience, he is poised to lead Maktoob to new heights of success. Previously a faculty member at P.A. College of Engineering in Mangalore, Shamseer’s dedication to mentoring and inspiring young minds is sure to bring a fresh perspective to Maktoob’s operations.

Shaheen Abdulla, Deputy Editor

Shaheen Abdulla is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker with at least six years of experience as a reporter and contributor at Maktoob and various media outlets including Al Jazeera English and TRT World. Shaheen’s documentaries on the Hijab ban, Babri demolition, and the Gujarat genocide were screened across the globe and gained critical acclamation. Shaheen received the Delhi Minorities Commission award in 2020 for his coverage of the anti-CAA protests and the Human Rights Religious Freedom Award in 2023 for his story on the government crackdown on religious conversions published in The Wire.


If readers have any grievance related to the privacy of information provided to Maktoob they may contact Sahid Faris who is designated as the Grievance Officer in this regard. The user can contact the Grievance Officer by email on [email protected].