Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Bhat Yasir

Bhat Yasir is a Kashmir based Journalist, studying Mass Communication and Journalism. He can be reached on Twitter at BhatYasir_

Kashmir’s Wular Lake, vital for nearly 10,000 fishermen families, faces dire situation due to climate change

As the weather in Kashmir is facing severe alteration with a huge deficit in snowfall in the winter season, the desiccation of Walur Lake...

Kashmir: Discontent lingers after Supreme Court’s Article 370 ruling

In Kashmir, people feel downhearted after the Supreme Court’s verdict rejected a batch of pleas challenging the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian...
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Kashmir: Activist spends 14 days in jail for comments against BJP leader

A socio-political activist from Kashmir, Waqar H. Bhatti, has been released on interim bail after spending 14 days in jail arrested over a complaint...

Meet Kashmir’s female martial artists, shattering glass ceilings

Jabeena Akhtar, a champion in the Chinese martial art of Wushu, recalls a taunt she got as a child. Akhtar was bruised while playing...
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Kashmir: Locals worried after leopard kill children in border town

Syed Abbass Hussein is a wretched father whose child fell prey to a leopard on the evening of 22 September in Moli Nag, North...

90 days in jail, for cheering cricket

After the Indian cricket team lost in the T20 World Cup match to Pakistan last October,  three Kashmiri students in Agra were arrested under sedition for celebrating the win of the Pakistan cricket team. The trio is still in UP jail.
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