Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Photos: Modi’s outreach to Pakistani Hindu refugee camp through CAA

A 50-year-old woman at the Pakistani Hindu refugee camp who chooses to remain anonymous says, “We get to live in the Hindu Rashtra that Modi ji has made for us. Water, food, and electricity problems would persist even after getting citizenship, but what matters to us is living in our Hindu Rashtra.”

Kaziranga is becoming a laboratory for militarised forest conservation in India: Pranab Doley

A first-generation scholar from the Mising community, Pranab Doley earned his Bachelor's degree from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, and a Master's in Social Work from Mumbai TISS. Returning to his hometown of Bokakhat in 2015, he co-founded Jeepal Krishak Sramik Sangha, a grassroots organization dedicated to addressing farmers' and workers' issues. In 2021, Doley made waves as an independent candidate in the Assam assembly election, challenging Asom Gana Parishad leader Atul Bora for the Bokakhat constituency.
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Analysing dip in Academic Freedom Index: Who takes the deepest plunge?

Dr. Shirin Akhter, Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan The recent revelation on the Academic Freedom Index (AFI) shows that academic freedom has registered a further dip...

Al Quds Day: Hundreds join Delhi conference in solidarity with Palestine

Syed Muskan and Kulsoom Faiz Al-Quds Day is an annual event observed globally on the last Friday of Ramadan, “Jummat-ul-Vida”, in solidarity with the Palestinian...
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Gangs, kidnappings, murders: Why thousands of Rohingya are desperately trying to escape refugee camps by boats

Ruth Wells, UNSW Sydney and Max William Loomes, UNSW Sydney Late last week, a boat crammed with Rohingya refugees fleeing a squalid camp in Bangladesh...

Electoral Bonds: A game theoretic enquiry into who gains at whose cost?

Shirin Akhter and Vijender Singh Chauhan The debate around electoral bonds in India has brought to the fore a pressing concern within India's politico-economic framework:...
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