Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Mohammed Rashid

Mohammed Rashid is a law student at the Regional Institute of Management and Technology in Punjab

French Islamophobia and the problem of modernity

The infamous experiments by the French republic include former presidents and prime ministers demanding the re-edition of the Quran, the ban on the veil, and Niqab in public places.

Kashmir has been caged, now it’s the turn of Kashmiri journalists

There has been a flow of news regarding the detrimental treatment of the government and law enforcement agencies against the Kashmiri journalists, who have told the real stories of Kashmiri plight, which openly contradicts the government version.
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CAA, NRC and Hindutva politics

While discussing about CAA and NRC, it’s quite important to understand the legal aspects of this act and the history as well as the politics of Brahmanical fascism, and its connection with the CAA and NRC. Along with this, the role of legislature, judiciary and media in such a catastrophic exigency.