Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Muhammed Nihad PV

Who was Iran’s deceased president Ebrahim Raisi?

After an hours-long search and rescue operation, authorities and the state media of Iran, on Monday morning, officially declared the death of its president...

‘Catastrophe unparalleled’: War in Sudan enters second year

It has been almost an year since the outbreak of the conflict in Sudan. The UN claims that it is currently "experiencing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions."
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‘Ethnic cleansing by other means’: Netanyahu spills truth behind US-built port in Gaza

Suspicions around the new US-proposed makeshift port off Gaza became more evident as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at using the port to deport Palestinians.

‘Safe zones’ of genocide: a hideous pattern in Israel’s war on Gaza

Reports and documented evidence suggest that Israel had forcibly displaced Palestinian population into small patches of land in Gaza, to create densely populated ‘safe zones’, which could be later turned into targets for massive attacks.
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Public hearings on South Africa’s ICJ genocide case against Israel begin today: Everything we need to know

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will hear the petitions registered by South Africa against Israel’s war crimes, on 11 and 12 January.

Disguise and betrayal: A Muslim other in India about others

One of the most prevalent notions of Islamophobia globally is that a Muslim anywhere is blameworthy and accountable for the alleged actions of Muslims elsewhere. The case of Muslims in India is not different. Even to such a ridiculous extent that when they narrate their stories of suffering and victimhood, they are asked to acknowledge that they are the oppressor somewhere else.
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