Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Nabeela Jamil

Nabeela Jamil is a Delhi-based lawyer.

Hijab becomes litmus test for Indian secularism debate

The Genocide Watch recently predicted a brewing genocide in India. One such sign could be seen in Karnataka’s Udupi district where for the last...

Uniform Civil Code: Not men vs women, Muslims

This article is in response to Alice Evans’s article titled Will the BJP’s plan for a Uniform Civil Code save Muslim women? published on...
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Indian Rumis and the shadows of anti-Muslim violence

Recently, while the discussion around demuslimization of Maulana Rumi was gaining momentum, I was going through a collection of poetry of Dr. Bashir Badr, it suddenly stuck with me how we often reduce him to romantic poetry, taking cue from Maulana Rumi’s romanticization. Dr. Badr was born in Babri Masjid’s Faizabad, now Ayodhya, is a poet bearing the trauma of Anti-Muslim Meerut violence.

A Lawyer’s ode to the Muslims who cannot be killed

I am a young lawyer having recently joined the profession, is in the process of understanding the depth of law, the decorum of courts and nuances of litigation. However, one thing I have clarity about—or you may say I have been made to have clarity about—my identity. I am a Muslim—a visible Muslim.
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