Monday, June 17, 2024

Naseel Voici

Naseel Voici is the founder editor of Maktoob

In brief: What’s happening in Lakshadweep?

Ever since former Gujarat MoS Home Minister and Modi's close confidant Praful Khoda Patel was appointed as Administrator late last year, Lakshadweep has been in unrest.

India & Palestine – A relation that has stood the test of time

Amidst the recent bloodshed caused by the inhuman attack by Israel on Palestinian people, when the global community came together to condemn the eviction and attack carried out by Israeli forces, two hashtags were trending in India - One was "#IndiaStandsWithPalestine", and the other was "#IndiaStandsWithIsrael" - Which openly supported Zionist atrocities and labeled the Palestinian cause as 'terrorism'.
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