Saturday, April 13, 2024

Nilofar Absar

Nilofar Absar, 26, is an intellectual property rights lawyer, currently practicing in New Delhi.

Custodial death: 40 days on, WB Muslim man’s family awaits justice

“When we raised objections to the high-handed manner in which the police handled the matter, they threatened us. We retreated out of fear of being arrested," Shahanara Bibi, sister-in-law of Goni told Maktoob.

‘What a shame’: NHRC debates if human rights are a ‘stumbling block’

An overwhelming majority of the comments suggest that the NHRC has made a public mockery of its existence and relevance in India by making this issue a matter of debate in the first place.
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Abdul Ali (player 199) – The true MVP of Squid Game

Episode 4 describes Ali as the quintessential South Asian, working class Immigrant. The exact words used are – “Strong and Dependable like the anchor of a ship”!. However, very much like in the real world , Ali is both lauded and exploited by his team mates for the same qualities.

The Rohingya Woman- “Unafraid and Undeterred”

Tasmida, a 23-year-old Rohingya refugee who has been living in India since 2012 says that there is a common misconception that Rohingya custom encourages early marriages, restricts women from participating freely in some aspects of public life, and discourages women from pursuing education beyond a certain age after which they are restrained from stepping outside their homes unaccompanied by male kin.
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