Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Radhika Menon

Radhika Menon is a freelance creative writer and journalism graduate.

Axone : Marinating racism through slow cooking diversity

Nicholas Kharkongor’s Axone/ Akhuni is a classic take on discrimination against the North-eastern community. In the opening scene the protagonists are in a hurry to procure the Akhuni to prepare a special dish for their best friend’s wedding.

Bulbbul: A subversive retelling of a Gothic folklore

Bulbbul can be classified as a feminist fable that is prevalent in today’s times.
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Eating Wasps: An insightful and riveting read

Eating wasps is a subtle discourse on sexual liberation in a male-dominated society. It will unsettle and disturb you just like chewing a wasp.

Kannuriki Kaalam; Tracing the nuances of socio-political differences of Kerala

Cartoonist Unnikrishnan’s Kannirukki Kaalam traces the nuances of social and political differences since the state came into being. The display consists of over 60 caricatures, humorously capturing the essence of contemporary society from different areas such as politics, lifestyle, environment, and literature.
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