Saturday, March 2, 2024

Shivangi Mariam Raj

Shivangi Mariam Raj is an academic publishing professional, translator, and independent researcher.

Gaza: The ceaseless shadow of Nakba

Genocide will always remain a crime that the world prefers to acknowledge in retrospect. An apology, a "never again" pledge, a fact-finding mission, a...

Video | A letter poem to Professor Hany Babu

Hany Babu's student at Delhi University and an academic publishing professional Shivangi Mariam Raj wrote this poem "Dear Hany, This is just to say" in November last year, four months Hany's arrest by NIA.
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Dear Hany, this is just to say

In the utterance of word, there hunches a mountain that I must climb—and just when I begin to plant my feet on the burly mountain-limb, it collapses into tiny mounds of alphabet I struggle to assemble.

On International Day of Disappeared, remember 8000+ victims of enforced disappearances in Kashmir

On the International Day of the Disappeared, remembering the Kashmiri lives which have been subjected to enforced disappearance not once, but over and over again across the past few decades.
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World exists only in her eyes, what her eyes saw in the carnage

Situation is still very tense in Mustafabad. Of all the sleepless nights, this one seems to be the longest – everyone here is concerned about the threat given to Shaheen Bagh by Ravikant Bhadana and his gang of Hindu terrorists. Every lane is dotted with groups of women and men sitting together, guarding their streets and talking about those 72 hours and their shadow that continues to grow thicker.