Saturday, June 22, 2024

Sidra Fatima

Record-breaking heat claims over 1000 lives during Hajj

As temperatures soared to a sweltering 51.8°C in Mecca, the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage took a severe toll, with over 1000 deaths being reported from the holy city.

West Bengal: Professor resigns citing “anti-hijab policy”, college changes dress code after outcry

Kolkata's LJD Law College is embroiled in controversy after an assistant professor, Sanjida Quader, resigned alleging pressure to remove her hijab on campus. Quader,...
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Gujarat: Muslim man lynched by cow vigilantes

In Gujarat’s Diyodar, in Sheeshan Village, on 22 May, a Muslim man named Mishri Khan Baloch was lynched by a cow vigilante group consisting of nine men.

Lucknow: The complex web of caste dynamics and political intrigue

In Lucknow, the complex interplay of caste dynamics has a significant impact on electoral outcomes and is central to the major political parties' strategy. The city embodies the broader socio-political landscape of Uttar Pradesh, given the influence wielded by the leading caste groups.
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