Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tapatrisha Das

Tapatrisha Das is a freelance journalist and creative writer. She writes on movies and arts.

Dunki: Who draws borders around countries?

Dunki - a film that we had been waiting for with bated breath

Friends Reunion: The one with all the nostalgia

Friends, equally loved and criticised sometimes for its choice of dialogues and actions and storytelling, still needed the reunion. Not for the cast, or for the makers, but for those who find hope in those six friends who became family, who made them feel that beyond difficulties, there's a home in a show. Somewhere the sitcom broke its glass barrier and became one with its audience.
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Trance – Fahad’s eyes intoxicate more than the movie itself

From psycadelic edits to a trippy subject, Trance has it all - not to mention all the biggies of Malayalam film industry. And whoever couldn't have a screen presence, found spot in its credits. To begin with, Anwar Rasheed tried it all - a controversial subject, all the starry faces that could be fit in, the celebrated clash of religion - logic - media and well, ofcourse, Pastor Joshua Carlton himself - Fahad Faasil.

Parasite: The divide that exists

Tapatrisha Das The story starts in a semi-basement. Four beings searching for free wifi, and the laughs when they finally get it in the...
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‘Joker’: We are all mad here

Tapatrisha Das A public washroom, a blood smeared gun, two feet slow dancing with fingers drawing patterns in air, a face smeared with colors of...

Peranbu: a letter to life

A staircase, Mammootty sitting, and his eyes give away subtly the mountainous tiredness of a daily fight of a father. His lips vibrate minutely, as he keeps staring into something. The scene closes, and without even giving out a loud wail, or a drop of tear, or even a properly visible expression, he dominates the scene to its completeness.
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