People Beware, Hatred Messages are getting spread on Kollam Tragedy

Attention India, some RSS affiliated pages are spreading false news on-line about the tragedy at Puttingal temple in Kerala. The twitter account titled ‘Om Hindu Kranti RSS’ have tweeted that the attack is planned and executed by Muslim members of CPM. Supporting to that supreme leaders and some followers have retweeted and spreading same hateful content accusing Muslim members of left party. Meanwhile, entire people in the state are working together in the rescue operation with no difference of political and religious ideologies.

‘ J&K is an occupied territory and I speak to you as an occupied.’

While your struggle may by for the rights of the students, to speak to express and to question to criticize or to stand against what you call as ‘fascist regime’, the student activism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is pitched against imperialism that has not ended for the citizens of the Paradise on earth. J&K is an occupied territory, a colony of India, which happens to be ‘Your Country” not accepted by the people of my state as theirs. The first and the last point of any struggle in the state of J&K is freedom from occupation and the right to self-determination.

Two Manipuri Muslim students brutally beaten to death;one seriously injured

Three Manipuri Muslim boys were brutally beaten up at Mayang Imphal Yangbi Garden on Thursday around 4:30 pm. The shocking incident took place after these boys came out from the garden. Two of them have died and one was luckily saved but seriously injured. The two dead boys were identified as Md, Sadam, 23 (s/o Md. Basiruddin ) and Md. Farooque, 22 (s/o Md. Badaruddin) from Lilong Kaleikhong while another boy Md.Zabir,19 (s/o Abdul Hakim) of Lilong Awang Leikai was severely injured and admitted to hospital. All are students.

Justice for Delta Meghwal.Why this silence on Dalit student’s Murder?

According to the FIR filed by her parents, there were only 4 girls at the hostel as all the other girls had gone home and had not returned by then. She came back along with her father on the morning of 28th. Later in the evening, at 8 pm, she called her father and said that their Warden Priya Shukla had sent her to the PT Instructor’s room, to be his helper, with the excuse of cleaning the hostel. There she was raped by him. She seemed very scared while narrating the incident, according to her parents.

Both 1984 and 2002 were acts of state-sponsored violence : Shehla’s response over Kanhaiya’s statement.

We must not be apologetic about 1984 massacre but must unequivocally condemn it. We shouldn’t leave this space for the right-wing to milk, because, while the right-wing pretends to be concerned about 1984, they are actually only shielding Modi over 2002, and nothing else. Ask them if they oppose the Operation Blue Star itself, and they will have no answers. While we stand united in the students’ struggles against fascism, we must keep healthy debate and discussion alive, as that is what characterises the Left. ”

An open Letter to UoH Faculties by a student from Hyderabad University

If you think Apparao is not guilty of the serious crime he was charged with, pushing Rohith Vemula to death, until he was proved guilty by the courts and until then he can not only avoid arrest, and even become VC, without even trying to follow the basic protocol such a thing requires, you are not at all with us.

Or if you believe that Apparao is an oppressor then there is no point in suggesting to us or framing ASA – JAC response as ‘violence’.