On Hadiya and Shafin ; Politics of Multiple Narratives

Why one of the most ruthlessly violent organization in the whole subcontinent operating even before its formation as a nation which also now runs the entire show escape the condemnation it deserves being equated with an assertive muslim organization? What disease infected the kerala public sphere and almost all alternative spheres will adequately explain this phenomenon?

My Resistance

My resistance comes from years of experience of oppression, of myself, my mother and her mother. During these long years we fought back, inch by inch, foot by foot, in the hope of covering miles. We were fighters, fighting against a system determined to keep us as victims.

I Am Losing Faith: Kancha Ilaiah

The national parties like Congress, CPM and CPI did not even condemn at the national level. The Telangana Congress, TDP and other parties were also silent. Only Telangana CPM and CPI condemned. The ruling TRS and BJP were all the time supporting the Arya-Vysays and abusing me on the TV channels. No major human right activists came forward in my support within Telangana, quite tragically

HCU: Support the Alliance for Social Justice , A Note from ASA

Terms of Alliance:
1) The alliance shall be entered as two fronts, one ASA led front consisting of ASA, MSF and SIO, and the other front consisting of SFI, DSU, TSF, TVV.
2) Each front partners shall decide which organization would contest in the election for which post.
3) The Election shall be fought under a united banner without naming any organization.