Editors refuse to take down article on Palestine, Columbia Law Review directors shut down entire website

The Columbia Law Review (CLR) shut down its website after Harvard Law School student and Palestinian human rights lawyer Rabea Eghbariah published an article on the Nakba.

2.5 million people in Sudan could starve to death by September, alerts new report

A chilling new report from the Clingendael Institute, a Dutch think tank, projects that around 2.5 million people in Sudan could die from hunger and related causes by September 2024 if the current crisis persists unabated.

“Monstrous atrocity,” world reacts to Israeli terror in Rafah

As the death toll is destined to rise, according to various sources, international forums, human rights organisations and state officials from different parts of the world have condemned Israel's unhinged carnage in Rafah.

Election crackdown nets record ₹9,000 crore haul amid narcotics surge

In an unprecedented nationwide crackdown, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has confiscated ₹8,889 crore worth of cash, drugs, liquor and precious metals ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls - obliterating previous records as seizures continue to mount daily.

Ashoka University students demand cut-off of ties with Tel Aviv University over complicity in Gaza genocide, admin says “university does not take political stances”

Upholding the Palestinian demand for a boycott of Israeli universities complicit in the genocidal war on Gaza, the student government at Ashoka University called on the administration to suspend institutional ties with Tel Aviv University.

Graves demolished and idols installed inside Ahmedabad’s 600-year-old dargah: Culmination of post-Babri VHP campaign?

The 600 year old dargah of Imam Shah Baba on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, witnessed a flare-up late on Tuesday night when a group of miscreants demolished graves and installed idols in the shrine.

Gaza: The ceaseless shadow of Nakba

Genocide will always remain a crime that the world prefers to acknowledge in retrospect. An apology, a "never again" pledge, a fact-finding mission, a handful of human remains handed...
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Adivasi boy assaulted by police in Kerala: Family demands justice

A minor Adivasi boy in Kerala’s Kozhikode district has accused the state police of beating him up, dealing another blow to the Kerala government's home ministry led by chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Kashmir grapples with severe power crisis

An unprecedented power crisis has cast a shadow over the lives of Kashmiri residents, leaving them in the dark for hours, and at times, even days. As the winter season...
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