Bookshelf | The Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy by Dr. Kafeel Khan

'The Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy, A Doctor’s Memoir of a Deadly Medical Crisis' is a book by Dr. Kafeel Khan who…

4 months ago

Rumours of Spring: Farah Bashir’s memoir is resistance in itself

Erstwhile Reuters photojournalist, Farah Bashir’s memoir is a timely and crucial intervention in South-Asian studies. As the title of the…

6 months ago

M Mukundan’s ‘Delhi: A Soliloquy’ wins JCB Prize for Literature 2021

'Delhi: A Soliloquy' by Malayalam writer M Mukundan has won the 2021 JCB Prize for literature.

6 months ago

13 books on Gujarat genocide 2002

This week marks the 19th anniversary of Muslim genocide in Gujarat.

1 year ago

Sarbpreet Singh’s new book talks about ordinary lives disfigured and disrupted by 1984 Sikh Massacre

Sarbpreet Singh's new publication Night of the restless spirits: Stories from 1984 becomes yet another witness of the horrors faced…

2 years ago

Dalit scholar Suraj Yengde signs deal to write biography of Ambedkar

Juggernaut Books, on Monday, announced their deal with Dr Suraj Yengde to write a biography of B.R Ambedkar. Yengde, India's leading…

2 years ago

Bookshelf: Ayyankali, A Dalit Leader of Organic protest

The book Ayyankali A Dalit Leader of Organic Protest was co-authored by M Nisar and Meena Kandasamy and published by…

2 years ago